• Category: Business
  • Duration: 00:60 Hours

Price:$100 - $160



Elevate your car's allure with our comprehensive Mini Detail Package, meticulously designed to revitalize both its exterior and interior, ensuring a pristine finish that lasts. Our expert team begins with an indulgent exterior hand wash, treating every curve and contour to remove dirt and grime, leaving your vehicle gleaming. We pay special attention to your rims and tires, restoring their luster for a polished look that commands attention on the road.

To safeguard your car's beauty, we apply a premium 1-month protectant to the exterior, shielding it from environmental elements and maintaining its showroom shine long after leaving our care. Inside, our meticulous attention extends to every detail, as we provide a thorough wipe down and vacuuming, ensuring no crumb or speck of dust remains. We go the extra mile by cleaning the door jams, leaving no area untouched.

Additionally, we meticulously clean the glass, ensuring crystal-clear visibility for safe driving. Our Mini Detail Package promises not just a clean car, but an automotive sanctuary where luxury meets practicality. Experience the transformation today and indulge your vehicle with the care it deserves. Schedule your appointment now and treat your car to the ultimate rejuvenation.